Rifle Gunsmithing

Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes.

**Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms.

  • Drill and tap for scope (per hole) $65.00
  • Install Briley Muzzle Brake (click to view)
  • Non-Contour $225.00
  • Contoured $275.00
  • High polish add $95.00
  • Mount scope and bore sight (plus parts) $95.00
  • Trigger job (3 lb. minimum, only Remington 700s) $95.00+
  • Strip and Clean $75.00+


  • Bluing Polished (Hot Salt) $400.00+
  • Satin Bead Blast $350.00+

Shotgun Gunsmithing Pricing

Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes.

***Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms. 

Beretta Barrel Performance Package

For Beretta 390 or 391 with "Mobile" choke system
Includes 3 Briley Spectrum chokes, Ultraport, backbore, open gas ports if necessary, and long forcing cone. 

For Beretta O/U with "Mobile" choke system
Includes 5 Briley Spectrum chokes, Ultraport, backbore, and long forcing cones.$699.00


Action Work

Convert auto safety to manual$95.00

Drill & tap per hole$65.00

Ejector fitted & timed
Makes both your ejectors fire at the same time$200.00

Beretta EZ lever supplied & installed$120.00

Benelli EZ lever supplied & installed$125.00

New Firing Pin
(made from a blank piece of steel)$125+

Trigger Conversion For Inertia Triggers
Makes your second barrel ready to fire with a minimum amount of recoil, suitable for firing 410 bore shells.
DT10, DT11, and 725 models +$80.00$110.00

K-32 adjustable trigger conversion (K-80 style) (click to view)$295.00

Perazzi adjustable trigger conversion (click to view)$295.00

Rejoint action & tighten forearm
This is a tightening process where your existing barrels are fitted tighter to your receiver.$375+

Strip & clean (auto or pump) (click to view)$95.00

Strip & clean (O/U or S/S) (click to view)$150.00

Strip & clean (premium shotgun)$225.00

Trigger job (per side) (an O/U or S/S has two triggers)$95.00


Barrel Work

Back bore (per hole)
The inside diameter is opened to a specific size$150.00

Barrel fitted to receiver$475.00+

Barrel sleeve (same gauge - both barrels)
Your existing barrels are cut off at the mono block and new barrels are installed in the same gauge.$1,950.00

Barrel sleeve (same gauge - single barrel)$1,500

Barrel sleeve (down one gauge - both barrels)
Your existing barrels are cut off at the mono block and new barrels are installed in a smaller gauge. You can only move down one gauge size.$2,100

Bead installed (includes drilling & tapping)$65.00

Bore match
We bore out the smaller barrel to match the inside diameter of the other barrel, so both bores are exactly the same diameter.$110.00

Carrier Barrel (customer provides barrel)
The maximum amount of inside barrel material is removed in an effort to make the barrel weigh the same as it did before a sub-gauge tube set is installed. This makes the barrel unable to fire 12 ga. shells.$595.00

Chamber sleeve (same gauge) each
A chamber sleeve is inserted then made to the correct size. This is done when a chamber is over sized or damaged.$275.00

Chamber sleeve (down one gauge) each
The existing chamber of a shotgun barrel is down-sized one ga, ie 12 ga to 20 ga.$375.00

Choke Alterations (per hole)
Modify your existing fixed choke to a more open restriction.$95.00

Cut & crown barrel$65.00

Cut & crown barrel, install ramp sight$350.00

Cut & crown barrel, and reinstall hanger$450.00

Dent or budge removed & lap bore
Not all dents or bulges can be removed depending on the location and severity.$125.00+

Drill & tap per hole$65.00

Ejector fitted & timed (each)$200.00

Engine turn (jewelling)$125.00+

Gas ports opened on autoloader$95.00

Headspace Rings (per hole)
This is done to correct a headspace problem which is usually too deep.$225.00

Lengthen chambers to 3” (subject to inspection)$95.00

Lengthen forcing cone (click to view)
The step between the chamber & barrel is removed creating a smooth taper which is then polished. This aids in the reduction in recoil and improves the shot pattern.

Polish bore (each)$95.00

Polish chamber (each)$95.00

Port auto or pump barrel (If barrel has camo add $40 for extra work required to break through coating) (Click to view)$105.00

Port both barrels (O/U) (If barrel has camo add $60 for extra work required to break through coating) (Click to view)$175.00

Quote / estimate / evaluation fee (waived if work is performed)$65.00

Replace front or mid bead$65.00

Sling swivel installed (parts not included)$125.00

Shoot for point of impact
Makes sure that the point of impact is in line with the sights$150.00

Strip & relay ribs
Your existing ribs are removed and then soldered back in place. This process includes a reblue.$650.00



Bluing Polished (Hot Salt)

Barrel only (O/U or S/S)$300.00

Barrel only (auto or pump)$275.00

Action & forearm$250.00

Complete gun (O/U or S/S)$550.00

Complete gun (auto or pump)$400.00

For high polish add$150.00+

Brown Damascus Barrel$450.00


Stock only$200.00

Complete Shotgun (O/U, S/S, auto, or pump)$350.00

Case color receiver$600.00

Electroless nickel receiver$625.00

French grey$550.00

Gold plate trigger (each)$95.00

Parkerizing (most guns)$300.00

Rust Blue Barrel$300.00


Stock Work

Adjustable comb installed (most guns)$400.00

Stock Bending$140.00

Adjustable recoil pad plate (most guns and includes Kick Eez pad)$325.00

Pad installation (includes pad)

Kickeez (black) or Pachmayr (black or brown)$125.00



Spacers (each)$15.00

Recoil Systems

GRACO Gracoil GC15S$550.00

GRACO Gracoil GC15LP (Adjustable Length of Pull)$600.00


Refinishing & repairingPOR

Handgun Gunsmithing 

Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes.

***Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms. 

1911 Frame Work

Beavertail grip safety fitted$95.00

Checker front strap (20 lpi or 30 lpi)$350.00

Drill and tap for customer supplied scope mount-per hole$65.00

Ejector - fitted$45.00

Frame feed ramp cut for the ramped barrel (Briley/Clark/Para Style Only)$125.00

Grips - cut and fitted for custom magwell$35.00

Hammer bobbed$150.00

Magazine catch extension button fitted$65.00

Magazine well beveled$75.00

Magazine well-custom welded$200.00

Plunger tube-staked or new fit -$45.00

Thumb safety fitted - Ambidextrous wide or trimmed$125.00

Scope mount-fitted with soldered shim$150.00

Trigger job SA (3 to 4 lbs only)$125.00

Trigger job SA/DA ( 3 to 4 lbs only on SA and DA as best as possible)$175.00


1911 Slide Work

Chamber barrel$75.00

Checker rear of slide$125.00

Compensator installed with finished fit$200.00

Lower and Flare ejection port$95.00

Crown barrel$95.00

Cut slide for reverse plug$85.00

Dovetail cut for Briley cocking sight$125.00

Firing pin stop fitted$45.00

Fit barrel$125.00

Fit solid or spherical bushing$75.00

Line rear of the slide$125.00

Line top of slide (20, 30, 40 lpi)$125.00

Dovetail cut rear sight$135.00

Dovetail cut front sight$75.00

Polish throat and feed ramp$125.00

Replace sights supplied by customer without machining$45.00

Re-stake front sight$45.00

Serrations (front or rear)$150.00


1911 Reliability Package

Level 1 reliability package

  1. Port & flare
  2. Throat & ramp
  3. Adjust & tune extractor
  4. Basic trigger job
  5. Test fire



General Pistol Labor


Check point of impact and adjust$150.00

Dehorn complete gun$225.00

Fit slide to frame$250.00

Test fire$45.00

Strip, clean and oil handgun$95.00


Revolver Package

Carry Package
Trigger and action job. Includes: Spring kit as needed, smooth and polish contact surfaces, check/straighten ejector rod, check/repair end shake, check/ align crane, radius and polish trigger and clean, lubricate and inspect all parts$250.00


Revolver Labor

Adjustable strain screw-supplied and fitted-S&W only$95.00

Align ejector rod$95.00

Bob hammer$150.00

Crane alignment$95.00

Crown barrel only$175.00

Custom fiber optic front sight. Red, Green or Orange$95.00

Cut and crown barrel$95.00

Fit scope mount: per hole$65.00

Machine and fit custom dovetailed front sight$250.00

Throat SA revolver for accuracy$95.00

Trigger job SA (3 to 4 lbs. only)$125.00

Trigger job SA/DA - SA (3 to 4 lbs. Only. DA best possible lbs.)$175.00


Refinishing on Pistol and Revolvers

Blast and blue complete (pistol)$250.00

Blast and blue frame$125.00

Blast and blue Revolver$225.00

Blast and blue slide$95.00

Electroless nickel revolver$450.00

Blast, polish and blue complete revolver$400.00

Chrome frame only$250.00

Chrome slide only$250.00

Chrome Complete Gun (matte only)$475.00

Electroless nickel complete gun$400.00

Electroless nickel frame$225.00

Electroless nickel slide$225.00

Parkerize complete gun$250.00

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