SSA is now a division of Nosler and is offering match grade ammunition in various calibers such as .223, 6.8, and .308 to name a few. This review is on the .308 175gr BTHP. Testing was done out of a custom .308 on a Remington action, 26" Hart Barrel, Leupold 6.5-20x44 Vari XIII Scope.


I did my test on the Silver State Armory match .308 today. At 100 yards.It was a 45 degree, windy day here in East Texas, 25mph winds with 40mph gusts. Wind was coming from 10 o'clock. Oh yea and it was raining. No better time to get a review of match grade ammo. I started by going down 7 clicks to bring my gun back to a 100yrd zero (for my Federal GMM ammo anyway) I fired 2 fouling shots to make the test fair. Nearly touching, just as I'd expect since my gun is poa on cold bore shots. This also gave me my correction, 4 clicks left. Ok now the test. First shot dead center, four more shots, with the last being the high left shot. All shots pretty much touching but I believe a 3 shot group would have been .4" and opened up on the next two. This is definitely high quality ammo! I had no pressure signs, reliable smooth feeding, easy extraction, no tumbling or bolt stick. Not having shot this rifle in nearly six months and the wind factor, I believe this ammo is capable of .3 MOA. I can't wait to give this ammo a try and see how it holds up at 500 yards.