Steve Lockwood


Steve Lockwood served in the United States Marine Corp as a Non Commissioned Officer and OIF Veteran. After five years in the Marines, he became a Defense Contractor for the U.S. Military where he works as a Combat Arms Instructor. Steve is also a Certified NRA Instructor and teaches civilian classes as well. Steve Lockwood is the owner/operator of Standard Deviation Arms, Redring Pro Team Member/Demo Shooter, Lead Combat/Tactics Instructor, and active competitor in USPSA, IDPA, and Multi Gun.

Over two dozen local level wins. 
1st in Class 2012 USPSA WPA Sectional 
4th Overall Tioga Annual 3gun Tac Optics 
2nd in Class 2012 USPSA Mid Atlantic Sectional 
1st in Class 2012 IDPA Liberty Match 
High Military Veteran 2012 IDPA Liberty Match 
2nd in Class 2013 USPSA VA/MD Sectional
1st Pistol and 6th Rifle 2013 Chris Kyle Benefit Match
2nd in Class 2013 York 3gun Showdown 
1st in Class 2013 Mid Atlantic USPSA Open

Anthony Cruz

Anthony Cruz has been shooting competitively since 2010. Competing in IDPA, Steel Challenge and 3 Gun. Since that time Anthony has started The Shooter's Mindset Media which interviews champion shooters and the firearms industry's finest companies. Anthony has trained with shooter's such as Robert Vogel, Morgan Allen, Ben Stoeger and Gabby Franco. Along with completing Tactical Pistol Course level 1 & 2 with Miami Firearms training.

Recent Accomplishments

  • - 4th Place ESP SS at 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals
  • - 3rd Place ESP SS at 2014 Florida State IDPA Championship
  • - 2nd Place ESP EX at 2014 South Florida Defensive Challenge
  • - 1st Place ESP EX at 2014 IDPA Sunshine State Games

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  • - Standard Deviation Arms
  • - Blade-Tech Industries
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  • - Fort Mill Munitions
  • - The Shooter's Mindset
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